Introduced to the industry in 2007, LUXO is considered a leader in cellphone accessories in USA and South America. Throughout the years, it has produced unique and exclusive designs for all kinds of cellphone accessories, having the perfect balance in style, service, price and presentation.

Client: Luxo

Agency: Freelance

Work: Art Direction, Graphic and Web Design

For its new ecommerce website, LUXO wanted a platform that would allow them to easily add new products and quickly update their inventory, so I created it using OpenCart. To launch the site, I implemented the first batch of over 200 products.

The services included all product photography and retouching. I also started and managed their social media accounts for about a year creating custom posts.

LUXO also asked me to work on a new premium series packaging which was so successful that it helped increase the price of each accessory by 25%, giving bigger profits to the company.